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Below are some of the people who have visited our site and wanted to sign our guest book.

11-17-2004 | Mike Buresh
Berea, Kentucky, US
Thanks Itc, You guys make the greatest duckbill bits for Hdd application, Mike

4-13-2005 | Don Lynch
Florence, Kentucky, US
The powerpoint last 3-4 times longer than any other bit we have used.

9-3-2005 | Les Hendershot
Painesville, Ohio 44077, US
Great bits

5-10-2006 | Rob Story
Las Vegas, NV, US

3-18-2007 | ADEL ABD EL NABY
Cairo, Cairo, EG

5-24-2007 | Don
Denver, Colorado, US
For years I've tried to find a common bit I can use in all different types of terrain. Well I've found it. Thanks to the boys and girls at ITC we now average over 2500 ft per bit. My profits are through the roof and my wife is happy. Thanks ITC

6-24-2008 | Pat Williams
Newton Centre, MA, US
I liked your site.

6-24-2011 | William R. Westervelt
Palm Coast, Florida, US

6-24-2011 | William R. Westervelt
Palm Coast, Florida, US
I work for Mastec Inc I have been drilling for years. I have used power points bits and they are very good. Please send me some info thank you

11-22-2012 | Bill Phillips
Taneytown, MD, 21787

1-14-2013 | Brion Bowman
16703 Dartmouth, Cleveland, OH, US
Your power point bit is one of the best and most dependable I've ever used in the 20+ years in drilling. Thank You Dean and Jim.

10-29-2013 | Carl Rogers
Mtn. View, Missouri, US
Hey jim,this is carl with infrasource, I tried the bit I ordered from you last week and i was impressed with its cutting ability in this limestone with minimum wear to the bit. The only thing i would suggest as far as i can see is a little more pitch angle to improve steering while roll steering. But overall its a good tough bit. Thanks for letting me demo it. I will be ordering more in the future.

1-30-2016 | Robert Chew
Singapore, SG
I am a church missionary and doing DIY bore wells. I appreciate your proposal to a bit head that will fit to a 2inch PVC pipe. If you are giving free sample. My address is 41 Kings Road, Singapore 268091. thanks

9-24-2017 | Richard Cruse
8917 Childress Rd, West Paducah, KY, US
I would like a catalog from your company please. I own a Fiber optic company and a directional drilling company. Thankyou

9-24-2017 | Richard Cruse
8917 Childress Rd, West Paducah, KY, US

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