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Customer comments

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NO-DITCH Directional Drilling (OH)
"I ignored the salesperson that first called me about this product. Finally they offered me a bit with 30-days satisfaction. I then ignored the bit and left it lay, after all, if Vermeer didn't make it, it couldn't be worth bolting on. International Tool was very polite and twice gave me a 30 day extension to try the bit. I finally bolted it on. We were working on a fiber job in downtown Dayton, Ohio, the whole town lays next to a river and is entirely pit-run material (sand with rocks from golf balls to double fist size). We had been replacing carbon protected bits every 1000-2000 ft. We used the Power Point to finish the job and 6 months later were using the same bit. Most of our work is in towns and they are built by rivers so the soil we drill in is very hard on bits. Now we do not use anything else on our 24x26 drill."

Jesmar Construction (CA)
"We have used your Bore-Hawg bits for a few years and plan to continue. They hold up in most conditions and get the job done."

Spring & Associates (MD)

Triple H Contracting (VA)
"I am very pleased with the quality of your bits."

Terrell, Inc. (IA)
"These bits have lasted longer than anything else  we have tried. You do a great job of manufacturing, marketing and  standing behind your products."

L.D.D. Construction (CO)
"We like their Power Point bits and have been using their bits for about 1-1/2 years now and plan to continue for  a long time. These bits seem to last much longer. Thank you for a good, steady product."

City of Wichita Water Dept. (KS)
"We have used the Bore-Hawg bit for the last 30 days, in all types of soil from heavy clay to packed sand and found the bit to perform above expectations. After using it for 118 hours,the bit has shown itself to be an excellent addition to the directional bore unit."

Cronister and Company (KS)
"Our company operates Ditch Witch directional drills ranging from the 920 to the 2720. We drill in several different types of soils and have tried many brands of drill bits, and recently tried the Power Point bit on our 2720 drill. I informed our drill supervisor to give the bit a try. I told him to put it through the worst-case scenario, if we don't like it; we send it back with no charge. After the crew used the bit he called back saying the bit has very little wear. He said the bits turning ability was more aggressive than other brands in all types of soil and that all the carbide teeth were still intact, drilling in solid sandstone and chunk rock. It chewed through the soil with ease. Several types of soil can be encountered in one single bore, with the ruggedness and durability combined with the low price of this bit, we have found the perfect bit for our drilling applications."

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